Squaredle Today Answer: Hints, clues for November 21st, 2023

Squaredle Today Answer

Are you struggling to find today’s answer to Squaredlle? Don’t worry we have got you covered Squaredle Today Answer Today’s blog is going to cover every tiny detail about today’s squaredle game. Starting from what the game is about? How to play squaredle? Squaredle Solver gives you hints and answers to today’s Squaredle game.

So let’s dig in!

What is Squaredle?

Squaredle is another once-daily online word game. The game is a word search puzzle that has gained much popularity lately. Squaredle is also a new version of the trendy word game Wordle. It’s just a simple word-guessing puzzle only you need to make a word from the grid of letters given.

Squaredle Today Answer list November 21st, 2023

Today’s Squaredle wanted you to make 29 words by linking the letters in the grid. Here we are with a complete cheat for you to have a look at the Squaredle answer list today:

Words found: 141

4 letter words:
 cere cero cess crew crow ekes erne erns eros eses esne kens kern leke lens less neck ness news orcs ores oses owes owse reck recs roes rose rows secs sene sere sers sore sorn wens were woes wore work wren

5 letter words:
 cense ceres ceros cress crews cross crows ernes erose erses esnes esses kerne kerns lenes lense leses owsen renew roses rowen rower scene screw sense serer seres serow sneck sorer sores sorns swore wreck wrens

6 letter words:
 censer censes censor cesses crenel crosse crower eroses escrow kernel kernes lenses lessen lesser necker nesses recess renews rerose rework rowens rowers scenes screws secern senses sensor serene sorner worker

7 letter words:
 censers censors cresses crosser crosses crowers escrows essence lessens neckers necrose recross secerns sensors serenes woeness workers

8 letter words:
 ensorcel essences kerosene neckless necroses recensor recesses reckless soreness workless

9 letter words:
 crossness kerosenes recensors recrosses woenesses

10 letter words:

12 letter words:
 recklessness worklessness

How to Play Squaredle? Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the steps on how to play Squaredle:

  1. Go to the Squaredle website or app.
  2. The game will start with a blank grid of 5×5 squares.
  3. Enter a 5-letter word in the top left square.
  4. The tiles in the grid will change color to indicate whether the letter is in the word, not in the word, or in the word but in the wrong position.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have found all 5 words in the puzzle.
  6. Your score will be based on the number of words you found and their length.

Squaredle Solver:

Step1: Enter the puzzle board into the form below, each row separated by a hyphen
(ex: abc-def-ghi)

Step2: If there are any missing or faded squares, add an @ symbol in their place
(ex: ab@-def-g@i)

Squaredle Solver

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How is Squaredle Different from Wordle?

Squaredle is a much more complex version of Wordle. The game needs you to make as many words as possible from a given grid. The longer you make a word you earn more rewards. Another difference between both games is that Wordle gives you hints and you need to guess a five-letter word using the hints. Whereas in the case of Squaredle all letters are present all you need to do is arrange the letters in the form of a word.


What are the rules to play squaredle?

Squaredle is a very simple game having sophisticated rules. To play Squaredle all you need to do is to link the adjacent letters present in the grid given by the game and make words. Long tail words give you more rewards. And vice versa. 

How many times can you play the Squaredle game?

You can play the game once daily, yes! That’s right. You get to link the letters, make words, and fill your daily portion. 

How do you use a squaredle?

Squaredle is pretty much similar to a Wordle game. All that is different is that in Wordle you need to guess the words by using hints while in the case of squaredle you need to connect letters and make words

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