NYT Connections Hints and Answers for April 12TH, 2024

NYT Connections hints and Answer for April 12th, 2024: Looking for the hints and the answers for Monday’s game of Connections? You can find them here:

NYT Connections Answers Today

Hey, word games fan! I hope your day will be fine! However, assuming you are here you are having trouble sorting your connections right!

The Connections game presents you with a grid of 16 words. You are supposed to arrange those grids into four groups but first, you have to figure out a way to link those words. The groups could be things like TV shows, clothing brands, a type of adjective, or rappers.

There’s only one answer for each puzzle, and you have to be careful while sorting out words that might fit into more than one group. 

There are four color codes for the groups, yellow, blue, green, and purple.  The yellow group is mostly the easiest to sort out, blue and green are at medium difficulty level, and talking about the purple group is usually the hardest to figure out.

Connections 306 Group Hints Today (April 12th, 2024)

All you have to do is Select four words you think belong together and press the Submit button. If the group you made is incorrect, you’ll lose a life. If you almost sort out the correct group, you might see a message showing you that you’re almost there, but you’ll still need to see which word to swap.

  • Hint 1: One group for today is “ORDERLY“.
  • Hint 2HYPER and ULTRA are in the same group.
  • Hint 3: Here is an image that will help you solve one of the groups today:
Daily NYT Connections 306 Hint - 12th April 2024
Daily NYT Connections 306 Hint – 12th April 2024
  • Hint 4: One group of words today is “BECOME LARGER“.

What makes a difficult riddle a little easy? Yes, you guessed it right a Hint. So here are some hints for today’s connection game, have a look:

Answers for Today’s NYT Connections #306 for April 12, 2024

  • ORDERLY – Clean, Neat, Tidy, Trim
  • AUGMENTATIVE PREFIXES – Hyper, Super, Uber, Ultra
  • BECOME LARGER – Balloon, Mushroom, Snowball, Swell
  • ITEMS IN CLASSIC KIDS’ GAMES – Domino, Jack, Marble, Stick

Answers Today’s Connections – April 12TH, 2023

Still here? You probably could not solve the connections answers today. But don’t worry here we are connecting the dots of today’s connections for you.

How to play Connections:

how to play connections

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